Wisdom #2- Why wait for a miracle to correct skin imperfections?

Wisdom #2- Why wait for a miracle to correct skin imperfections?

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Just because you have skin imperfections, doesn’t mean that you can’t correct them. Skin imperfections can impact a woman’s self-esteem along with making her unduly self-conscious. Low self-esteem can lead to other unhealthy life choices. Here at Divine Image Cosmetics, we want to help women realize how beautiful they really are and to leave behind that dark cloud of esteem-based issues that might be dragging women down. No matter your current skin condition, know that with the right skin care regiment, and makeup from Divine Image Cosmetics, you can get your skin glowingly flawlessly.

Know that all of us, with no exceptions, have some sort of signs of aging, flaws, or blemishes. No one’s skin is naturally “perfect”. Beauty standards are set high by society. Keep in mind that standards have changed over the years and have varied culturally: In Victorian England, for example, women wanted the world to present themselves as frail and delicate feminine beings, and they believed that the whiter the skin, the frailer they looked. To that end, women in the 1800s would apply the whitest of white powder to their entire body, including their faces. It didn’t stop with simple body powdering; bloodletting was another drastic way that some women would drastically attempt to alter their natural skin tone to get it as white as possible.1879review Wisdom #2  Why wait for a miracle to correct skin imperfections?

Today, the look popular among women in Victorian England would probably look clownish and costume worthy. Today’s standard of beauty lies far from making women pail and frail. One of the popular trends of today, tanning, opposes what the Victorian women of England were looking to portray. Even with the skin imperfections that come along with practices like tanning (age spots and skin cancer), many women strive to attain that look because they see it as beautiful. It can be argued that beauty is subjective, even so, there are common threads that are universally appealing, like skin free of natural imperfections.

Below are some easy-to-do tricks for taking care of skin imperfections to aid in getting your skin looking its best:

If you have skin that’s overly tanned by the sun’s harsh rays, be sure to use high SPF sun protection lotion when sunning. Opt for a skin moisturizer also, to counteract some of the damage of the suns harsh rays and to negate the age/sun spots that are often activated by such exposure. DIVINE Image Cosmetics’ Natural Velvet Moisturizer would make a perfect addition to your skin car regimen in this case; it moisturizes your skin, preventing dehydration, while protecting your skin from environmental effects.

For eyes with dark circles or excessive wrinkles, be sure to always start your eye makeup application process with a crème based eye shadow primer; DIVINE Image Cosmetics’ Trinity Wheel includes a fantastic eye shadow primer, it flawlessly covers skin imperfections for a number of skin tones, while providing a base for long lasting eye shadow wear.

For skin that has acne resulting in visible bumps, proper skin care is especially crucial. Proper skin care is step one in the beauty process. Before applying makeup on a daily bases, you want to be sure your skin is healthy. DIVINE Image Cosmetics offers Gentle Glycolic Face and Body Cleaner, which can be used daily. It exfoliates the skin and cleanses the skin, ridding it of excessive oils and dirt.

If your skin is pale, allowing your veins to show through it, you too, can still find relief. For pale skin, use a moisturizing foundation, such as DIVINE Image Cosmetics’ All Day Tinted Moisturizer in the shade ‘LIGHT of the World’. The All Day Tinted Moisturizer contains natural sun protection, evens out your skin tone, and moisturizes leaving you with the radiance of an angel.

If you have great skin tips that you’ve found helpful in correcting skin imperfections, send them in for possible inclusion on this site! We’d love to hear from you!

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